How long does it take for the package to arrive?

    Maximum of 3 working days on a nacional level and 5 working days on a internacional level.

    Will I get a invoice/receipt of my purchase?

    Yes. All our orders are sent with invoice.

    What happens if the package arrives and I'm not at home?

    The courier will get in touch with you to reschedule the delivery, or you can get a warning to pickup at the nearest postoffice.

    What are the payment methods?

    Bank transfer, PayPal and MBWay.

    How much are the shipping costs?

    5€ on a nacional leve, and 15€ on a internacional level (free in orders starting from 49€)

    Do I have to pay to return a product?

    Yes. Return costs are supported by the customer. You can always choose to return the package on a participating store, so you don't have any adding costs.

    How can I create a Drugs account?

    You can easily create an account by just clicking here here!

    How can I reset my password?

    Your password can be recovered through this link
    Just insert the registered email and request a new password, that will be immediatelyf orwarded to your email inbox.

    How can I order?

    If you found what you were looking for, just:

    1. - Pick your size
    2. - Add the article(s) to the shopping cart
    3. - Proceed to checkout
    4. - Select your address and shipping method
    5. - Insert your billing information
    6. - Confirm your order
    7. - Select the payment method you wish to use.